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Liturgies in different file formats for print and presentation.


Special thanks to Rev. T.K Viji, Dr. Mathew T. Thomas, Dr M.M Ninan, Mr John Chandy, Rev. Alex Peter, Mrs. Anita Sujit and Mrs. Susan Cherian for their help in the translation, compilation and editing of the liturgies for the Holy Week Service.

1 Holy Baptism
2 Holy Matrimony
3 Thursday Worship
4 English Holy Communion Service
5 Malayalam Holy Communion Service
6 English Promeon #11
7 English Promeon #12
8 Palm Sunday Morning
9 Palm Sunday Evening
10 Monday Evening
11 Tuesday Evening
12 Wednesday Evening
13 Thursday Evening
14 Friday Part 1
15 Friday Part 2
16 Friday Part 3
17 Easter Sunday